Sunday, 21 July 2024
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Sunday, 21 July 2024

Alzheimer’s Research UK welcomes inquiry into link between sport and brain injury

ALZHEIMER’S Research UK has welcomed the launch of a parliamentary inquiry into the link between sport and long-term brain injury.

The UK’s leading dementia research charity highlighted the need for more research looking into the potential causes of dementia and the role that sport could play in increasing risk.

Understanding the consequences of a head injury and the changes that can lead to an increased risk of dementia is an important goal for research.

Susan Mitchell, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said:

“There is growing evidence that head injury can increase dementia risk, but more research is needed to fully understand the risks associated with specific sports, so we are pleased to see this area given more attention and scrutiny.

“We’re pleased to see parliament taking an increased interest in how head injuries sustained during sporting activity may lead to an increased risk of developing dementia. Only through more research and by gathering more evidence can we begin to fully understand the link between head trauma in sport and dementia and then become clear about the interventions and policies that are needed to reduce the risk of dementia.

“It is also important to note the many health benefits that sport can bring to physical and mental health, and that these should be balanced against any potential risks.”


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