Friday, 19 April 2024
Friday, 19 April 2024

All We Can unveils ‘Extraordinary Gifts’ Christmas 2023 Catalogue

ALL We Can, the globally recognized international relief and development movement is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of its ‘Extraordinary Gifts’ Christmas 2023 catalogue. The initiative connects customers to vulnerable communities through charitable donations that fuel All We Can’s long-term development projects across the globe.

A Gift Beyond Measure

‘Extraordinary Gifts’ is a one-of-a-kind charity gift scheme that resonates with the spirit of giving during the holiday season. Instead of traditional presents, customers have the opportunity to make a tangible difference by contributing to All We Can’s extensive portfolio of community-led initiatives.

All gifts come with a personalised card with imagery of the associated project and community, and a choice of seasonal designs. Customers may either add a personalised message or leave the inside blank for a hand-written greeting.

Transforming communities

These projects range from supporting individuals with disabilities to find meaningful employment to fostering ecological sustainability and constructing weather-resistant housing in regions susceptible to severe weather events.

A selection of the gifts available in this year’s catalogue includes:

  • Change Begins with a Bike – provides secondary schoolchildren with bicycles so they can make the journey to and from school quickly, easily and safely.
  • Make a Splash – Contributes towards water access and sanitation projects.
  • Wheels for Change – This could provide an adult or child with the wheelchair they need to access education, employment and community life.

By embracing giving an Extraordinary Gift, patrons not only offer a gift that keeps on giving but also plays a pivotal role in fostering positive change. With its partner network, All We Can is able to listen to communities, build their capacity, and support them in creating sustainable change which addresses the root causes of poverty and creates lasting solutions.

Community-led development

Central to the Extraordinary Gifts initiative is the recognition that sustainable development can only flourish when it originates from within the communities themselves.

Victor Mughogho, the Director of Eagles, All We Can’s partner organization in Malawi, underlines the importance of this approach:

“Donations are good. But I’ve realized NGOs – local and international – also try to donate solutions. But you will never sustain development when the answers come from outside, into the community.

“People themselves know their own challenges. All they need to know is, how do we solve our own problems? We facilitate problem-solving.”

Stay Connected, Ignite Change

For supporters who want to deepen their engagement with the communities, All We Can serves, joining the charity’s mailing list is a transformative step. By doing so, those who purchase ‘Extraordinary Gifts’ will receive regular updates and firsthand accounts from the regions where the charity is actively working. This direct connection enables donors to witness the real impact of their contributions and witness the positive ripple effects of their generosity.

For more information about All We Can and the Extraordinary Gifts Christmas 2023 catalogue, please visit:


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