Monday, 22 April 2024
Monday, 22 April 2024

AI-powered virtual assistant, CharityBot, launches to support charity workload

TRUSTED software provider Biomni has launched CharityBot, an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to enable charities to respond to, and in many cases resolve, the growing volumes of enquiries, using self-service. 

The cost-of-living crisis is being felt acutely across organisations and society. Many are turning to charities for extra support. In a recent survey, Biomni uncovered that 80% of charities are predicting an increase in workloads for their staff and volunteers.

When this is coupled with rising costs and falling funding budgets, charities are looking for ways to keep up with the demand and deliver high levels of services, whilst protecting the well-being and valuable time of their expert teams. To address this need, Biomni has launched CharityBot.

Instead of manually searching the charity’s website or Google, or having to call and take up resource time on the telephone, users can ask CharityBot their specific questions and be instantly directed to the resources they require without having to share their personal data or explain to someone on the phone, which can be a barrier to help if they feel embarrassed or ashamed. Whilst personal data is not tracked, the number and nature of questions asked can then be used to gauge which services are most in demand or if an answer is not available; CharityBot can alert admins that additional resources are required.

Angus Gregory, CEO of Biomni said:

“Charities already possess a huge amount of resources that are invaluable at this challenging time. We are proud to utilise our 20 years of enterprise AI expertise to help them create no-code, low-cost AI Q&A to centralise these resources. Building tailored virtual assistants that give users 24/7 access to resources, whilst freeing up teams to provide more complex support.”

Biomni recently partnered with Charity Excellence, who had access to Biomni’s AI platform to build AI Tech Bunnies which feature on their homepage. The service is free to use and people can ask as many questions as they wish completely anonymously. Each time a tech bunny is asked a question, it learns from that interaction.

Ian McLintock, Founder of Charity Excellence commented:

“Charity Excellence is the largest and fastest growing UK charity community and, with 40,000 members, providing support is a huge challenge. The AI Tech Bunnies provide our community with immediate support 24/7 and also support them in accessing and using our digital ecosystem. We’ve also created a knowledge bank of support for individuals and families that connects them to free help and financial support.

“Biomni’s generosity in giving us use of their software has not only significantly improved our ability to deliver our crisis support programme for the charity sector but also to connect any member of the public who needs it to crisis support at any time.”

Angus said:

“Charities already make an incredible difference to the lives of so many and we want to help them use AI virtual assistants so they can reach even more people.”

More information about CharityBot is available here, including a recent webinar with Charity Excellence that delves into how CharityBot could support your organisation.


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