Sunday, 21 July 2024
UK Charity Week 2024 - Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK
Sunday, 21 July 2024

PR & Communications Agency Membership

Your invitation to become an Official Comms Partner of Charity Today & UK Charity Week

CHARITY Today welcomes the membership of PR & Communication Agencies as Official Comms Partners. Over the years, we have worked with many agencies as you seek to promote your charity and corporate clients in the sector. Now it’s time to make those relationships official.

This subscription ensures the relationships that we establish and put our time into are the right ones and carry a commitment to support the publication.

Each subscription lasts for twelve months, and as well as membership with the publication, you will become an Official Comms Partner of #UKCharityWeek.

Your logo will appear on #UKCharityWeek’s website and link to your homepage.

Free Articles

Articles sent in on behalf of charities with UK-registered numbers and written in the third person, not including other entities, are free.

Free examples include:

• Charity Research

• Recruitment & Appointments

• Event News

• Opinion Pieces

Chargeable Articles

It is important to note that those featuring any commercial entities will incur a discounted fee of £50 to be published. Normally £78.

We charge this because we have Official Partner Businesses from all industries, and we must remain loyal to all those committed to supporting the publication’s work.

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