Monday, 15 April 2024
Monday, 15 April 2024

Afghanistan: Six charities and causes you can support

US President Joe Biden is under increasing pressure over his ‘epic failure’ as the Taliban continue to take over much of Afghanistan following the US withdrawal. 

President Biden clearly underestimated the situation; a little over a month ago, he was asked by a reporter if a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was ‘inevitable’.

“No, it is not,” the president said.


“Because, you have, the Afghan troops have 300,000 well-equipped, as well-equipped as any army in the world, and an Air Force, against something like 75,000 Taliban. It is not inevitable.”

It has taken just four weeks for that statement to be proved so spectacularly and alarmingly wrong.

Escalating violence in Afghanistan is putting the lives of thousands of people at risk. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced by conflict and drought this year alone, and food shortages abound. More than 18 million need aid—a number that has doubled since 2020.

After decades of conflict, the country is experiencing one of the fastest-growing humanitarian crises in the world—one that’s compounded by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. Seventy-five per cent of Afghans in need are women and girls. But funding for humanitarian aid has fallen far short. The world must not turn its back on Afghanistan.

Here are six charities and causes you can support to help in Afghanistan:

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to help those facing the worst humanitarian crises. They estimate more than 18 million people need aid this year in Afghanistan and have worked in the country since 1988.

Over the weekend, they have urged world leaders to show support for civilians and humanitarian workers delivering aid. They have launched a $10million appeal to raise funds for their emergency appeal for their teams to deliver life-saving aid and provide emergency cash and protection for those displaced.

The one-off donations tell you what your money could go towards, including $54 to provide four tents for those displaced.

Visit their site here to donate. 

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is a charity working in 40 countries worldwide, working with people living in poverty, disaster and violent conflict. They have been working in Afghanistan since 1986 and urged the US government to continue aiding humanitarian work.

In a statement released on Saturday, the charity said they are working to provide clean water and sanitation to those fleeing Kabul, and they will stay in Afghanistan as long as they can.

Visit their site here to donate. 

Turquoise Mountain

Turquoise Mountain is a charity registered in Scotland set up by the Prince of Wales in 2006 to train artisans in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The foundation has also treated thousands of patients at its health clinic in Kabul. Over the weekend, a Crowdfunder campaign has been set up to raise money for their artists, staff, students and all those who visit their health clinic.

Visit the Crowdfunder here to donate. 

Women for Afghan Women

Women and girls are said to be those who will be affected most by the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Before the conflict in the last week, the charity provided education to boys and girls and provided family counselling and vocational training for women and families.

However, in the last few weeks, they have been working to keep their clients, staff and families safe by evacuating shelters and providing resources and aid to women and their families.

Visit their site here to donate.

UN Refugee Agency

The UN’s refugee agency is there to help refugees by raising funds to ensure humanitarian aid for displaced families. The charity’s team is already on the ground providing aid but still need supplies.

As part of their donation scheme, the charity lets you know what your money will provide; £35 could provide five sanitary kits. They are also trying to provide PPE to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Visit their site here to donate. 

Rukshana Agency

In November 2020, the Rukshana Agency was set up to tell news from the perspective of women in Afghanistan. The site was named after a woman who was stoned to death by the Taliban in 2015.

Its founder Zahra Joya set up the site with her own money, and the site has since covered topics such as child marriage, street harassment and gender discrimination.

However, Zahra can no longer fund the site herself and is calling for donations to ensure the website’s survival, particularly when it will be crucial to hear the news from a women’s perspective.

Click here to donate to their fundraiser.

Write to your MP

If you can’t afford to donate, you can still enact change by writing to your MP. Many people on Twitter are urging others to write to their MPs to ensure refugees’ safe arrival to other countries.


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