Friday, 21 June 2024
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Friday, 21 June 2024

Affordable fundraising packs that actually give your charity the advantage

HAVE you ever wondered what a fundraiser has written on the generic fundraising poster they received? Shudder at the thought of a fundraiser designing their own poster in aid of your charity? Do you wish your charity could have a fundraising pack that actually gives your charity the advantage over your competitors? 

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, then FundraizingHero will be able to help. 

FundraizingHero has been designed to help charities provide personalised fundraising packs to people doing great things on their behalf, plus give the charity visibility of what fundraisers are up to, how they personalised their materials and what they downloaded. 

All of their packs feature your logo and two of your colours, plus they add ‘In aid of’ automatically above your logo and your registered charity number to all materials. They only use a touch of your brand to give your brand the visibility it needs to help build your charity awareness, but at the same time, be very clear that the activity promoted is organised by a member of the public and not an activity that is organised by your charity. 

FundraizingHero have 3 core packs, a Community Fundraising Pack with materials such as a poster, bunting, selfie prop, cake flags, and DIY collection box. A Challenge ‘Sponsor Me’ Pack with a personalised sponsorship form and back sign to pin to their t-shirt featuring a QR code to their online sponsorship page. Lastly, a Thank You Pack with materials for them to thank the people who attended or sponsored them. 

FundraizingHero community fundraising packs change depending on the activity chosen by the fundraiser. They have over 35 different illustrations and counting, meaning your fundraisers receive a fundraising pack relevant to the activity they are organising.

Your fundraisers will also benefit from professional-looking materials endorsed by your charity and personalised with the information they entered about their activity, materials they can download or share on social media straight away to promote their activity. (The sooner they promote their activity, hopefully, the better attendance and more funds raised.) They can also decide which materials they want to download and how many they want to print. 

FundraizingHero hopes that giving supporters great-looking materials in minutes will prevent them from DIYing their own. They found many people who designed their own materials did it because they wanted something more personalised than the generic materials supplied or couldn’t wait for the pack to arrive by post. 

Along with giving you visibility of what your fundraisers are planning and over 35 different fundraising pack designs ready for your supporters to use, FundraizingHero believes they can help your charity save money by reducing print, design and postage costs on physical fundraising packs, save resources as you don’t need to sort and send a pack in the post and help the environment as your fundraisers only print what they need.

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