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Charity Today is the UK’s leading charity publication.

What is unique about the publication’s approach to advertising is that we are an open book when it comes to rates and fees. Through our years of digital marketing experience, we have found many publications hide behind paywalls, or they are incredibly coy about divulging advertising rates for fear of doing so to a rival.

However, we have no such concerns about putting them out there and approaching the whole subject as transparently as possible.

If our rivals want to take a look at our rates they are free to do so, as we have immense confidence in our publication and projects.

We hope you enjoy taking a look, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on (01733) 666668, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.   

Online: CharityToday.co.uk

CharityToday.co.uk is wholeheartedly dedicated to promoting the news of the UK charity sector. With more than 2,753,180* visits over the last 365 days this dedication is reflected by the marvellous numbers in our ever growing community. Thus giving birth to numerous opportunities for your brand to reach out to this audience.

Below for your reference are some of the key advertising opportunities available on the website.

Banner Adverts – Homepage

Prices include 2 bespoke Tweets per day throughout the duration.

Banner Adverts – Within Every Article

Prices include 2 bespoke Tweets per day throughout the duration.

Sponsored Commercial Content

300-500 Word Article, supplied to Charity Today

1 x High Resolution Image
1 x Embed Video
1 x Hyperlink
1 x Social Media Post

£50 per article

For more details or to discuss your online marketing and advertising needs, please contact Charity Today on 01733 666668 or email support@charitytoday.co.uk

Social Media Advertising

Do you want to reach new customers and increase sales to those in the charity sector? If so, then our social media team will help you achieve your targets.

If you’re looking to grow the amount of likes you have on your social pages, entice new customers, promote products and competitions then social media advertising with Charity Today is the way to go.

With our expertise in targeted social advertising, and our team of on-site designers, we’re well placed to manage your ad campaigns.

Monthly campaigns start from just £150**
(**equating to approximately £4 per post)

To discuss your specific social media requirements, please contact Charity Today on 01733 666668 or email support@charitytoday.co.uk

National Campaign: #UKCharityWeek

Unquestionably the biggest project born as a result of the publication is the meteoric rise and success of the national charity awareness campaign #UKCharityWeek.

There is no denying the impact this campaign continues to have. Just over 6.9 million people were reached in its inaugural year and millions raised by various good causes up and down the country. However, all these figures and records were surpassed during December’s campaign when a staggering 92,999,791 timeline deliveries were made!

(Source: Hashtracking®)


There are three corporate opportunities available to businesses who would like to get behind the campaign. There are, of course, the more comprehensive Main Sponsorship, and Official Partner opportunities these are negotiated annually.

However, for those on a minimal budget there is the Corporate Friend – £180, you can register for that by clicking here.

For more details or to discuss the sponsorship opportunities available to you for the #UKCharityWeek campaign, please contact Charity Today on 01733 666668 or email support@charitytoday.co.uk

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