Saturday, 2 March 2024
Saturday, 2 March 2024

Adopt-A-Child: Where are They Now?

OUR motto at Living Water Adopt-A-Child is ‘Changing the World…One Child at a Time’, and that means not just providing food for some hungry children, but making a real impact in their lives – giving them long-term hope and a future. 

Here is the story of one of ‘our’ youngsters in Guatemala:

‘My name is Angel Gabriel, and I was born in Zacualpa, Guatemala, in 1988. I have two sisters and two brothers, and we all grew up with our grandmother because my parents separated when I was only three and went to live in the USA, where they each established another family.

‘During my childhood, I was a shy and sad boy because relationships with the people I loved most were broken, which created confusion in my life. I thank God for my grandmother’s life because she took the responsibility of raising my siblings and me. It was very difficult for her, and we lived in poverty for many years, often with little or nothing to eat.

Adopt-A-Child: Where are They Now?
Angel Gabriel

‘When I was eight years old, my brother and I started to work as shoe shiners to help with some income. My grandma heard about Living Water Ministry and registered me in the feeding programme in Zacualpa when I was nine. The feeding programme days were the best days for us because we could receive a delicious plate of food and afterwards I had fun with the games and learned about God.

‘Sadly, I started using drugs when I was eleven and fell into a world of rebellion and drugs. I joined a youth gang because I thought I could fill the void and relieve the sadness I felt at not having my parents with me. Those were difficult years because I abandoned my studies due to the drugs, I got involved in fights, problems and drunkenness, and almost died when I was seventeen due to a cocaine overdose. After my stay in hospital, I reflected for several days and finally realised that the drugs were never going to fill the void I felt or solve my problems. I finally understood that the only one who could fill this void was God. I decided to leave the drugs and the gang, even though it was not easy for me.

Adopt-A-Child: Where are They Now?
Angel in church

‘When I was eighteen, I met my wife, Teresa, and we have a wonderful son, who now attends the Zacualpa feeding programme. I attended Liberty Church in Zacualpa and finally accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour when I was nineteen. I am now blessed to be part of the Living Water team, in charge of The Blessing Fields Project, which provides produce for the programmes and community and training for young people. At my church, I am part of the leadership, serving as a deacon. All that I lived through in my childhood and adolescence led me to start a radio show called ‘Conección Juvenil’ (Youth Connection) on a radio station in my town, preaching God’s Word and helping teenagers and young people who are passing through situations similar to my experiences. Now I am happy with my family and serving God.’

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