One of our core aims at Adopt-A-Child is building relationships with our sponsors and supporters and also encouraging them to build a relationship with their sponsored child (or granny/grandad if they sponsor an older person).

Each year every sponsor will receive an update with information about how their sponsored child is getting on and a new up-to-date photo, but more personal, one-to-one correspondence is also possible throughout the year as the youngsters will reply to cards and letters that their sponsors send to them. This can give sponsors a more in-depth idea of what their child is doing and what life is like for them in the country where they live.

However, by far the best way to really connect with a sponsored child and get a taste of life in their country is to go and visit them and their family. Pictures and letters are great, but nothing quite compares with meeting them face to face, meeting other family members and seeing where and how they live. They always offer such a warm welcome to sponsors, who are so precious to them for all the help and support that they give.

Adopt-A-Child: The Trip of a Lifetime
Family visit

Each year Adopt-A-Child offers sponsors the chance to visit the programmes in the countries where we work and see their sponsored child. Generally, one group visit is arranged to Albania and one to Guatemala each year, although this can vary year to year. Dates are set at the beginning of each year and sponsors who have expressed an interest in joining a group are contacted, given details of costs, etc, and encouraged to apply for a place.

Adopt-A-Child: The Trip of a Lifetime

These trips are usually for between 8 and 10 days in-country, with a couple of extra days on either end from travelling, particularly to Guatemala, which often entails a stopover in the USA. Once in either Guatemala or Albania, you travel as a group and are very well looked after by our teams there. You stay in our ministry base and learn first hand from our staff about the work we are doing and how the ministry is run. A great way to see exactly where all the money goes and how it is spent. You will visit all four of our programmes in Albania and some of the 10 we have in Guatemala, meeting the cooks who prepare and serve the food, those who teach in the Bible classes and the medical staff who help in the clinics. You also get the chance to help serve food to the children who come to the programme, to clear up afterwards and to join in with the Bible classes after the meals.

Adopt-A-Child: The Trip of a Lifetime
Dish washing

Visits are also arranged to things like local markets and places of interest, to give visitors a taste of the culture of the country they are visiting.

Truly a ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ and well worth considering. Visit our website at for more information.