Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

Adopt-A-Child: Sponsorship Impacts Lives

ONE of our team recently had a conversation with a sponsor which really brought home to us the impact that sponsoring a child can have, not just on the life of the child and their family, but also on the sponsor. 

Those of us who are sponsors know how much of a blessing it is for the children to know that someone cares. They love getting cards and letters and sharing news about their life and family in their update letters.Occasionally though, a sponsor will pick up on something in a child’s letter that merits further investigation and for one of our Scottish sponsors, this was to lead to a life-changing decision.

Angel wrote to his sponsor and mentioned that his mum was sick. On further investigation we found that his mum needed surgery but, living in poverty in Guatemala, the cost of this was prohibitive for them. Thanks to the sponsor the necessary funds were donated and Angel’s mum had the simple life-saving operation.  Angel’s dad then passed away so, as sometimes happens with our most geographically remote families, Angel’s mum made the decision to move the family to the coast to find work.

Angel’s mum wrote a final letter to his sponsor from her heart:

Dear Padrinos 

Good morning! I hope that you are doing very well. I am Angel`s mother and I am writing you this letter to thank you for all the blessings you have given us. I appreciate that you have blessed my son with your gifts, but especially I thank you for your support for my surgery. Thank you for loving and supporting my son. I send you many blessings and please take care. I send you a strong hug with much love.

I do not have anything to pay you back for these blessings, but I hope that things continue good for you. I am deeply thankful to you and I pray God to bless you always. Remember that the hands that give will never be empty.

I do not want to forget to thank Living Water as well because they have blessed us also. We send blessings for all of them too. I say goodbye blessing each one in the name of Jesus.

This is shared with the sponsor’s permission as an example of how humbling it is to have the opportunity to impact another person’s life.  The sponsor was moved and blessed by this letter of thanks and now sponsors another child, beginning the process again of changing the world for that child.

We have 3000 children and Women In Need whom we care for practically and spiritually without the support of a sponsor.

Here are some thoughts on encouraging your friends and family to sponsor a child, from Sandie, our Sponsorship Coordinator:

  • Sponsor a child yourself or with your family for only £24.00 per month, long or short-term.
  • You can donate money to our general fund when and as you can to help the unsponsored children
  • Organisations and businesses can also sponsor/donate

One-off or regular payments can be made via:

  • Standing Order (ask us for a form)
  • Our website:
  • Bank Credit Transfer (Account number 00495770 Sort Code 80-91-26)
  • Phoning our office on 01463 792600 to make a card payment.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors for partnering with us in this life-changing work. You are making a difference!


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