Our motto at Adopt-A-Child is ‘Changing the World … One Child at a Time’ and the child sponsorship programme is our primary focus and main source of income.

When we open a centre in Guatemala or Albania, all the children in the area are invited to come for the twice-weekly meals, basic medical and dental care and Bible classes (if they want to stay for those). In Guatemala in particular, we have some families of 10+ children who all attend the programme. Once a child has been attending for a number of weeks, they are registered, their photo is taken, their details are recorded and they are then available for sponsorship. At present we have 9,000+ children registered in our programmes, around 3,000 of whom do not yet have a sponsor.

In Guatemala, we currently care for around 8,500 children in 10 programmes. Seven of these are in the Quiche mountains, a very rural area where most of the families are descended from the Mayan Indian people. Two are in towns near to the old capital, Antigua, and one is in the slum area of Guatemala City, where the majority of the people are of Latino descent. 

We have four programmes caring for around 800 children in Albania, located in the mountain area in the South East of the country, close to the Greek and Macedonian borders. As well as these four centres, we also regularly take food parcels and help into four even more remote villages!

Adopt-A-Child: Sponsorship Changes Lives – Theirs & Yours!

A relationship is at the centre of all that we do and we encourage sponsors to communicate with their sponsored child as much as possible. When sponsorship begins, the child sends a ‘First Letter’ to their new sponsor, introducing themselves and thanking them for supporting them. The children love getting letters, cards and photos from their sponsors and will reply to any communications they receive. As well as contributing towards the monthly costs of meals and medical care, many sponsors also send extra donations for birthday and family gifts. These are also enthusiastically received by the children and ‘Thank You’ letters written. Each year at Christmas time every child, whether sponsored or not, receives a gift at a special celebration, paid for from our Christmas Fund.

Adopt-A-Child: Sponsorship Changes Lives – Theirs & Yours!

There is also an opportunity for sponsors to visit the programmes in Guatemala and Albania and to meet their sponsored child and their family – a truly memorable experience for both child and sponsor!

Once a year our update teams visit every child in their homes, where they take an up-to-date photograph and gather information about the child and their family situation. This is then collated into an ‘Annual Update’, which is sent on to their sponsor.

Adopt-A-Child: Sponsorship Changes Lives – Theirs & Yours!

If you would like more information on sponsoring a child for yourself, please visit our website at www.adopt-a-child.com and click on the ‘Sponsor a Child’ button on the home page. There is also lots more information on there about our ministry and what we do.

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