Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Sunday, 23 June 2024

Adopt-A-Child: Keeping on Keeping on in Guatemala

As we are starting to enjoy some more freedom in the UK now and as the vaccines start to really make a difference to the spread of Covid-19, it is a very different story in many of the world’s poorer countries, including Guatemala, where we have 10 feeding programmes. Restrictions are still in place across Guatemala for now, as covid cases continue to be high and hospitals full. Vaccinations are taking place, but it is a very slow process there.

We have divided our staff into different teams to carry out the tasks of keeping everything going. We have a team delivering essential groceries to the families of our registered children and those on the Women in Need program in place of the regular meals, which we are not able to provide at this time. We have another team delivering letters, cards and gifts sent from sponsors. It means such a lot to the children and families to receive these and to know that their sponsors are thinking of them and they are not forgotten. 

We have a team gathering information by phone for thank you letters and for the annual updates that we send to sponsors, as we do not spend a lot of time at the homes to protect our staff and the families. We have another team who do go to homes just to take the photographs for the updates, as it is important that sponsors are able to see how the children are growing and developing year on year.

Our medical teams are very busy treating covid patients in the community and the many people who come to the centres each week with other problems that the hospitals cannot treat because they are full of covid cases. 

Our churches are able to hold services each week for a smaller number of people, so we make appointments, and most of our congregations can come once every two weeks.

We are praying that restrictions will ease soon and that we can begin to serve meals again from some of our centres. We are beyond thankful for everything and for everyone who is part of Living Water Adopt-A-Child, enabling us to continue to serve some of the poorest communities in Guatemala – Changing the World…One Child at a Time.

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