Thursday, 18 April 2024
Thursday, 18 April 2024

Adopt-A-Child: International Women’s Day, Naile’s Story

THROUGH one of our ladies‘ Bible study groups, which takes place in the Upper Mokra area of Albania, we became aware of a widow who was living in very poor conditions.  

One week she came to the meeting completely soaked. We set her chair by the stove, so she could warm up. As it was raining, we assumed that she had got wet in the rain, but some of the other women told us that ‘it is raining through in her house’ and therefore she was soaked. A few weeks later we visited her at home and found it just as the women had told us. 

On that same day, a sponsor was found who wanted to support this 75-year-old widow, whose name is Naile. We thought about how we could help Naile. Repairing the house would be too costly and besides, it was not even her house! She has no children, comes from another area, and has no land in the village. We consulted with the chairman of the village, wondering if we could find an apartment for her in the village, and finally came up with the idea of providing a living container for her, of the type used to house people who lose their homes after earthquakes.

Adopt-A-Child: International Women’s Day, Naile’s Story
Naile’s old home and her new home

We are so grateful to the municipality of Pogradec for giving us the papers for the land to be used by Naile for 20 years! God put it on her sponsor’s heart to donate the amount for the container. The transport of the container and other expenses were covered by other donations. After all formalities had been completed, the container was set up and we helped Naile to move in.  

Naile is very happy and grateful for her new sponsor and her new home and we have also been able to provide a water supply outside the house for her. As she now lives in the centre of the village, she has more contact with the other people in the village.  

There are many widows in Albania in the same situation as Naile, living in old, damp, draughty and damaged houses without the means to improve them or to move somewhere more comfortable. Many do not have family who can help them either. We are privileged to be able to support some of them through our Women in Need Programme, which we affectionately call ‘Adopt-A-Granny’.  

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