The months of November and December are very busy ones for our Adopt-A-Child teams. In our National Offices, the volume of mail received increases significantly as sponsors send cards and money for gifts for their sponsored children. The teams at our feeding centres in Guatemala and Albania are busy buying gifts and preparing special meals and Nativity presentations.

Christmas time gives us a special opportunity to bless the children who attend the programmes. At each of the centres, a special meal is served and a nativity play is performed for all the children, telling them the story of the birth of Jesus and the real meaning of the Christmas story. Each child receives a gift of a family food parcel, with some sweets and a small personal gift. In Guatemala, the beautifully wrapped ‘baskets’ are actually large plastic bowls that the families can use for making the tortillas that are a staple part of their diet.

Adopt-A-Child: Christmas in Guatemala and Albania
Older lady receiving a basket

For every child who is registered with us, around 9,000 in total, receives a gift, whether they are sponsored or not – a huge undertaking! Sponsors and supporters are encouraged throughout the second half of the year to contribute to a ‘Christmas Fund’ that provides for all of these gifts and meals each year, rather than send individual gifts.

Adopt-A-Child: Christmas in Guatemala and Albania
Nativity play

This year for the first time we have also been able to provide a gift for the ladies who come to our programmes as part of our Women in Need project in Guatemala. It was so heartwarming to see the delight on their faces at receiving a gift just for them. 

Adopt-A-Child: Christmas in Guatemala and Albania
Guatemala Christmas meal

In Albania, we were able to take Christmas food parcels to families in four remote villages in the mountains, as well as the villages where we have our centres. We were also delighted to be able to team up with Team Hope Ireland again this year and provide a shoebox of gifts for each child attending our Christmas events in Albania.

Although a huge amount of time, money and effort goes into providing these gifts and celebrations, we believe it is an important part of what we do for the children and their families each year. For many of them, the gift they receive from Adopt-A-Child will be the only gift they receive at Christmas time, and the only special meal they will have, and this special time of the year gives us a perfect opportunity to be a blessing to them and demonstrate God’s love for them.

Adopt-A-Child: Christmas in Guatemala and Albania
Guatemala children with Christmas baskets

If you would like to help with this annual project, you can do so any time – just follow the link below.