Sunday, 23 June 2024
UK Charity Week 2024 - Sponsored by Sinclair Method UK
Sunday, 23 June 2024

Adopt-A-Child: Caring for Everyone

It really is miraculous how the Lord provides! One of the things which makes Adopt-A-Child special is that we don’t just feed and care for those attending our programmes who are sponsored, every child and vulnerable adult who comes along is looked after – we never turn anyone away.

In earthly terms, this makes no sense, particularly at the moment with rising costs in both Guatemala and Albania, in some cases up by 30%.  Our sponsorship base has not increased by 30% but still, we continue to care for ‘the least of these’, day in, day out.  

Now that all of our feeding programmes in the mountains of Guatemala are open again, many new children are coming along to eat who were too young to be part of the programme before Covid. We always get the permission of parents before we register any child for sponsorship, so we let it be known that we would be registering children into the programme on a certain day and that parents/guardians should come with their children that day to sign the paperwork. We didn’t know how many would want to have their child formally registered and we were blown away when over 900 turned up to register their child with our ministry. Several sets of twins/triplets were among those registered.  What a privilege and responsibility we have to love and care for these children and their families and give them hope for the future.  

In Albania, we continue to provide food boxes for every registered child, collected or delivered every six weeks. This is supplemented by extra gifts of clothing donated periodically by churches in Germany and this is a great help to families, particularly in the remote mountain regions during the cold winter months. New children are always coming along to join our weekly children’s and youth meetings at the programmes.

Despite the strain that this understandably puts on our limited resources, we are trusting in God’s provision and have taken the conscious decision not to increase our monthly sponsorship amount of £20 a month.  We are actively looking for new sponsors to join us to enable us to carry on with this model, which blesses so many who have so little.  Please join with us in doing all we can to find sponsors for these precious children and adults.

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