ACT for Cancer hires new Director for Engagement as charity grows

The Tessa Jowell ACT for Cancer Foundation has hired Rebecca Lawrence as their new Nurse Director of Engagement to boost their patient advocacy and clinical engagement work.

In her role, Lawrence will be responsible for increasing collaboration between the charity and healthcare professionals, to help achieve ACT’s vision to become the largest charitable funder of personalised cancer treatment platforms in the UK.

ACT for Cancer is the only charity in the UK with a singular focus on delivering personalised treatment and care to all untreatable cancer patients through the NHS.

51% of the 360,000 patients diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year will have an ‘untreatable’ form of cancer. ACT’s movement for change is to overturn the current standard of care to give every chance to all patients on the NHS.

Rebecca has ten years of clinical experience working as a nurse in both the NHS and the private sector and most recently was the National Safeguarding Lead at Care UK. She is also the mother of musician Billy Clayton, whose life was tragically cut short aged 22 from a rare bone cancer in March last year.

ACT was founded in the last few months of Baroness Tessa Jowell’s life after she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017. Run by Tessa’s daughter, Jess Mills, the charity is working on a number of exciting projects this year which will help to improve the standard of care for brain cancer patients – as well as other untreatable cancer – across the country.

ACT for Cancer hires new Director for Engagement as charity grows

Speaking about her new position, Rebecca Lawrence said:

“I am delighted to be working for ACT, who are unique in their understanding and passion for the need for progress and innovation across the cancer treatment and research landscape. As a healthcare professional, I recognise the dedication and commitment of all experts working within cancer care and believe ACT for Cancer has a golden opportunity to support and innovate in this vital area.

“I can’t wait to get started and to honour the memory of my darling and talented son – who would be proud and amazed with the progress and plans we have underway.”

Jess Mills, CEO and Co-Founder of ACT for Cancer, said:

“ACT for Cancer is thrilled to bring Becky on board. She has amazing experience working on the frontline, a wealth of knowledge in project management, and valuable insights into cancer treatment both on a personal and professional level.

“Most importantly, she shares my mum’s passionate belief in achieving a truly personalised standard of care so patients can live well with cancer for longer. We are incredibly excited for her to begin contributing to the vital work we do.”