Sunday, 21 July 2024
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Sunday, 21 July 2024

A welcome return to Clear Sky’s face to face training courses!

At Clear Sky, we thrive on our face to face training events. Being in the same physical space as others is an important part of our work in demonstrating how to use facial expression and body language to convey information, and so we were frustrated not to be able to work together with colleagues during the period of lockdown from March to September this year.

In an ordinary year, we would deliver a range of Attachment Play training each academic term to family practitioners all over the Country. Over the last year, despite not being able to host as many courses as we would have liked, we still managed to train 82 participants in our two-day training courses at our HQ in Oxfordshire. Sadly, we had to postpone our planned courses booked for April and May, but we were determined to get these back off the ground as soon as we possibly could. When restrictions started to soften a little, we took our tentative steps to re-scheduling the first of our postponed events and were simply amazed by the enthusiasm of our course participants who clearly were as keen as us to get back to the days of face to face social interaction!

We knew that we were taking a leap of faith when we published the dates for our first post-lockdown PCAP course at the beginning of October. At the time, we didn’t know how many people we would be allowed to work with, or even if the course could go ahead, or if we would be restricted yet further closer to the actual event. We didn’t know what other rules if any might come into effect a day or two before the event, or if anyone would even want to come.

We carried out a big course risk-assessment which covered everything from the need to ‘quarantine’ course paperwork and resources, to how we were going to keep refreshments and lunches Covid-safe. We had to book a much larger training space to accommodate a 2-metre space between chairs, and source PPE which would allow participants to see others’ facial expressions, whilst feeling fully protected during the day. It’s fair to say that with track and trace QR codes to think about, worrying about who would be on hand to handle the tea urn without breaking the rules on attendance, and planning and coordinating Covid-safe measures across the two days for 15 people, the whole event was no mean feat.

Unbelievably, we pulled it off. Armed with copious amounts of sanitizer, anti-bac wipes, packed lunches delivered by gloved hands and visors issued all round! We even provided individually wrapped biscuits, untouched by human hands!

Our (fully booked) course was indeed a success, and one of our lovely course participants said:

A welcome return to Clear Sky’s face to face training courses!

As you can see from the photos, our course leaders were so excited to be back doing what they enjoy too and a lot of fun was had all round!

Our next face to face course, Heart to Heart, will be taking place on 6th and 7th November again, fully booked, and then we welcome back our ever-popular Baby Bonding course which will be taking place on 5th and 6th March! Booking is open for this here:

Becky Hill, Head of Therapy and course leader said:

“It was great to be back in a space with other skilled and motivated professionals, sharing the incredibly important work of attachment theory. I can’t wait to hear how the practitioners work with families is progressing.”

We are glad to be back!!


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