Saturday, 20 April 2024
Saturday, 20 April 2024

A single grant of over £100k is available for tackling local poverty

There are many complexities and challenges that cause poverty. It is first on the list of the UN global ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, which set the blueprint for prosperity for global society by 2030. But poverty and financial insecurity are major and multifaceted issues that require significant resources and cross-sector thinking to tackle effectively.

The Anson Charitable Trust, Heart of Bucks Community Foundation and Rothschild Foundation have partnered to tackle local poverty through the Buckinghamshire Capacity Fund. 

The fund will award a single grant of at least £110,000 to a not-for-profit organisation that can contribute significantly to Buckinghamshire’s response to the rising costs of living for vulnerable, disadvantaged and insecure-income households.

Henry Allmand, CEO at Heart of Bucks said:

As local grant-makers, we want to think global, and act local. We want to make a difference by working together, to tackle a challenging and deeply concerning area of focus within Buckinghamshire. Through the creation of this collective fund, we want to provide the local non-profit sector with additional resources to deliver a larger local safety net than would otherwise exist.

The project should provide at least 12 months of additional capacity and funding can be for organisations wanting to extend and enhance an existing service, as well as new and innovative approaches. Preference will be given to consortium/partnership applications of two or more local organisations.

For more information on the Buckinghamshire Capacity Fund and to apply, please click here:


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