Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

£85,000 grant donated to safeguard local youngsters online and offline

THE Randal Charitable Foundation, based in Loughborough, kindly awarded a £85,000 grant to Warning Zone, a charity based in Leicester city centre dedicated to safeguarding and teaching life skills to 20,000 local children and young people each year.  

Warning Zone aims to prevent online and offline coercion and increase awareness of risk. They focus on decreasing the likelihood of choices that may lead to injury, death, personal harm, criminal records, bullying, anti-social behaviour, knife crime, incarceration, grooming, abuse, exploitation, county lines involvement, radicalisation and extremism.

Dr Nik Kotecha OBE DL, Chair of Trustees for the Randal Charitable Foundation, said:

“Our mission is to directly save lives, as well as to support initiatives which provide essential educational support; particularly to initiatives which may prevent the loss of life. 

“We’re delighted to be supporting Warning Zone, which through its centre is giving the children and young people the essential life skills to protect themselves while online and offline. This is particularly important, as making the right choices and taking steps to safeguard themselves, is essential at this stage in their personal growth.” 

The donation will fund 1,630 high-quality training sessions for 10-11-year-olds delivered in an honest, compassionate and understandable way in order to encourage responsible behaviour and sound decision making while living full and active lives. It will also go towards major repairs to the centre.  

Chief Executive of Warning Zone, Elaine Stevenson, said:

“We are extremely grateful to the Randal Charitable Foundation for this very generous donation. We opened in this current building 10 years ago, so we have major repairs to carry out on the roof that would not be possible without this generous support. 

“The Foundation is also supporting our work on building resistance to coercion, including online and offline grooming. Children are increasingly vulnerable to being coerced into county lines drug dealing, and grooming for sexual activity. We aim to increase children’s confidence in seeking help, talking, and knowing what makes them vulnerable and how to stay safe. 

“We are proud of our achievements and we know that the Foundation has a vision to directly save lives and significantly improve the quality of life for those that need it in the UK and globally. Warning Zone fits this brief at an early and important stage in a child’s life.”

For more information about the Randal Charitable Foundation, please visit: 


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