Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

38% of Brits would forgo presents in favour of a charity donation this year

As UK Charity week kicks off, new data from match-funding platform Givematch shows that brits are struggling to support the causes that mean the most to them, with over a third (38%) planning to donate less to charities this Christmas.

The research released by match-funding platform Givematch also found that 50% of UK adults wished they could give more this year.

Half of Brits (50%) said that they feel guilty about not being able to do more for charities this year, and 38% would even opt to miss out on presents so that charities could receive more support. One in ten Brits (12%) went so far as to say they would rather receive no gifts if charities could receive the money instead.

A further 50% said they felt it was more important than ever to give this year, as people are likely to be struggling. The data also suggested that many presents given didn’t represent good value for money – with 66% of those surveyed feeling that at least some of the gifts bought within their family never get used.

In a worrying statistic, over half (56%) of those surveyed felt like the Christmas spirit of giving was slowly being lost.

Speaking about the data, Ismael Dainehine, Director of Givematch, said:

“This data shows that we’re a nation of givers. But the cost-of-living crisis is making it harder and harder for people to support the causes they’re passionate about.

“When people donate with Givematch, they can double their donation – so even if people can only give a small amount this year, they can still have a huge impact. It’s a great way for people to refocus on what matters most at this time of year: supporting others in need.”

People who donate through Givematch can ‘earn’ a matched donation through the power of social sharing. Each Givematch donor is given a link, and when two friends donate via that link, Givematch matches the original donation. Friends can give whatever they can, even if it’s just £1, to a charity of their choice for the original donation to be matched.

To find out more or to support a charity of your choice this Christmas, head to


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