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25+ charities sign up to Brightman’s free GDPR workshops

Romy Hughes

Brightman, the IT transformation and change management experts, have today announced that over 25 local and national charities have responded to their offer of complimentary GDPR consultancy support.

In December 2017, Brightman launched their “Helping Hands” initiative to offer free advice to local charities on a range of topics that could affect their business. The first initiative, which involves a number of complimentary workshops and consultancy from its top consultants, is focused on helping charities prepare for the impending GDPR regulations.

“With over 25 charities responding to our offer over the festive period, the response to our GDPR Helping Hands initiative has been overwhelming, and shows the significant pressure that charities are feeling by the GDPR,” comments Romy Hughes, director at Brightman. “The administrative burden of the GDPR is significant for any organisation to implement, let alone one with limited budgets. Charities for example live and die by their database of donors and supporters. Under the GDPR they must prove that every person on that list has given permission for their data to be stored. This means contacting everyone on the list to obtain their approval. If only 50% of respondents reply then, legally, they must delete half of their database. It doesn’t take long to realise the ramifications for their funding in this instance.”

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will be enforced from May 25th 2018 and will enhance the powers of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to fine organisations for data breaches. Fundamentally, it means that the penalties for a data breach could be significant enough to force organisations out of business. As a result, organisations are investing significant funds and man hours to prepare ahead of the deadline.

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Romy Hughes, comments, “GDPR compliance is a significant change management project that requires organisations to fundamentally change their culture around data management. It is forcing organisations to undertake a wholesale review of their data processing systems and procedures, and to retrain their staff to be acutely aware of their new data protection responsibilities under the GDPR.”

“Through our Helping Hands initiative, we are offering charities and non-profits a GDPR service which consists of a series of online sessions and a comprehensive pack of communication materials for their staff.”

The first organisations to benefit from Brightman’s complimentary GDPR support are the Southmead Community Centre, The Park Community Centre and Little Explorers Pre School, all based in Bristol.

Strong interest from SMEs

In addition to the strong interest from charities, Brightman has been contacted by numerous small businesses seeking support in implementing the GDPR. “In reading about our Helping Hands initiative for charities, many small businesses have approached us for support. Just like charities, SMEs have often been overlooked when it comes to GDPR preparations, but their budgets are just as tight, and the implications for non-compliance just as significant. I anticipate the next six months will see many smaller companies waking up to their obligations ahead of the implementation deadline of 25th May 2018, particularly those who hold large customer databases such as marketing, PR and telesales companies.”

In response to the demand for a thorough but cost-effective solution to GDPR compliance for SMEs, Brightman is preparing to launch a commercial GDPR Compliance Package. The new service will condense Brightman’s learnings from the delivery of large-scale GDPR projects to date, and be delivered to SMEs in a series of workshops and online support. More details of the SME service will be announced shortly.

Charities can continue to register their interest

The Brightman charitable workshop and training is 100% complimentary and does not form part of any marketing or promotional activity. It is specifically aimed at organisations in the Bristol and Gloucestershire area that would otherwise be unable to afford specialist help.

If you are a charity or non-profit that is concerned about your GDPR preparations, you can apply for Brightman’s complimentary support here: https://www.brightman.uk.com/helping-hands