Thursday, 20 June 2024
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Thursday, 20 June 2024

20 thoughtful gift ideas for anyone living with cancer

WESSEX Cancer Trust’s experienced team of support centre managers and trained counsellors and therapists has put together a list of twenty thoughtful gift ideas that anyone living with cancer might like to receive, either at Christmas or throughout the year. 

The gifts include ideas for self-care and wellbeing, as well as practical things to keep people occupied during chemotherapy sessions and challenging times.

These are:

  1. Gift your time – walk the dog, take care of children and prepare meals

  2. Soft woollen blanket

  3. Cosy socks

  4. Soft gloves and hand warmers

  5. Cashmere beanie hat

  6. Silk eye mask

  7. Comfy PJs or loungewear

  8. Natural skincare products and lip balms

  9. Foot roller or mini massagers

  10. Lavender aromatherapy oil and pillow sprays

  11. Boiled sweets, which can be beneficial for anyone with a dry mouth or reduced taste

  12. A blender, to easily make healthy smoothies or shakes

  13. Hot or cold water bottle

  14. Heart-shaped pillow – designed to fit comfortably under the arm after breast cancer surgery and to remind your loved one they’re always in your heart

  15. A port pillow, which takes the pressure of a seatbelt off your chemotherapy port

  16. Puzzle and colouring books – handbag or pocket-sized for chemotherapy sessions or for loved ones waiting outside in the car

  17. Wessex Cancer Trust’s ‘This Is Me,’ a self-care journal for women – find it here –

  18. Audiobook subscription

  19. Subscription to their favourite magazine

  20. A diary or planner to record appointments and treatments

All the gifts are readily available from online shopping sites or supermarkets, to make it easy to buy during the latest lockdown restrictions.


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