Saturday, 20 April 2024
Saturday, 20 April 2024

£1million awarded to 10 specialist projects tackling domestic abuse and violence

COMIC Relief and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) have awarded over £1.1million in funding to 10 organisations across England to address violence against Black and minority women and girls.

The new programme led by Comic Relief and DCMS, Supporting & Sustaining Specialism, has been designed to support organisations addressing violence against women and girls, led by and for Black and minority women, and has been made possible via the DCMS’s Tampon Tax Fund.

Funding from the programme will help improve access to quality services and support for Black and minority women and girls experiencing, or at risk of, violence and abuse.

The programme will also provide valuable evidence on what works in addressing the needs and effective response to violence and abuse through research and shared learnings with other organisations and stakeholders.

One of the successful recipients is Saheli, who will use an investment of £212,311.30 to provide user-led support services across South Yorkshire and North West England. The funding will support work aiming to empower Black and minority women and girls facing violence and abuse by enabling access to safety, support and justice. The funding will also help build resilience and challenge the systemic racism and discrimination that can often create additional trauma when leaving an abusive situation.

The full list of organisations that have been successful and awarded between £49,300 and £212,500 each to deliver work both on a local level and nationwide are:

  • Southall Black Sisters: Awarded £212,500 to offer bespoke, holistic support to women and girls across England
  • Saheli: Awarded £212,311.30 to increase access to safety, support and justice in South Yorkshire and North West England
  • Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development: Awarded £201,932.80 to tackle trauma, vulnerability and abuse of women and girls through culturally appropriate community support services in Bristol and London
  • Africa Advocacy Foundation: Awarded £132,128.25 to improve the safety, health, and wellbeing of 80 women and girls in London
  • Imece Women’s Centre: Awarded £114,113.35 to offer support, counselling and confidence-building workshops to survivors of violence against women and girls in London
  • Anah Project: Awarded £72,117.40 to provide support, training and safe refuge accommodation for women fleeing domestic abuse and violence, forced marriage, so-called honour-based violence and Female Genital Mutilation in Bradford
  • London Black Women’s Project: Awarded £66,334.85 to improve access to high-quality counselling for women in London
  • Latin America Women’s Aid: Awarded £60,940.75 to improve access to specialist services for women in London
  • Apna Ghar: Awarded £53,297.55 to support a collective of grassroots, peer support networks in the North East of England which serve women affected by violence
  • PHOEBE: Awarded £49,300.00 to support women in Suffolk to leave abusive, violent relationships by accessing services, housing, hardship funds, and applying for visas in their own name

Samir Patel, CEO of Comic Relief, said:

“Throughout the pandemic, violence and domestic abuse have risen at an alarming rate. Our £1.1million funding is helping 10 excellent projects that have seen huge increases in demand for their services from communities across the country. With the generous support of the Tampon Tax Fund, these specialist projects that are led by and for Black and minority women will be able to provide vital support for hundreds of women and girls across England.”

Minister for Civil Society, Baroness Barran, told Charity Today news:

“I’m pleased that the support provided through this funding will ensure 10 specialist organisations can support women from Black and minority communities and girls in need, whilst enabling organisations to become more sustainable for the future. There’s no doubt that it’s more important than ever to end violence against women and girls, as set out in the government’s recently launched strategy, which aims to combat the issue as an absolute priority.”

Debdatta Dobe, Senior Policy, Grants and Partnerships Manager, of Southall Black Sisters, said: 

“The pandemic has exacerbated and heightened inequalities and structural barriers to support for black and minoritised women while also rendering women more at risk of experiencing violence and abuse. Through this project, we hope to address the gaps in protection and create more inclusive and holistic pathways to support across England while building capacity and sustainability for the by-and-for led specialist sector.”

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