Monday, 27 May 2024
Monday, 27 May 2024

£14m long-term funding boost for charities fighting inequality

‘GAME-changing’ long-term core funding of almost £14 million for organisations working to make London a fairer place has been approved by the capital’s biggest independent charity funder.

City Bridge Foundation has awarded the first 13 grants from its Anchor Programme, which provides long-term core funding for equity-led infrastructure organisations tackling societal inequality.

They include funding for organisations working with Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, LGBTQIA+ communities and organisations supporting Deaf and disabled people.

The programme, co-designed with civil society organisations, is believed to be unique among funders and offers grants for up to 10 years – twice as long as the maximum usually offered by City Bridge Foundation.

£14m long-term funding boost for charities fighting inequality
City Bridge Trust Chairman Giles Shilson.

Giles Shilson, City Bridge Foundation Chairman, said:

“This funding is a huge boost for these 13 charities which are leading the fight for a fairer, more equitable London and supporting frontline charities working with marginalised groups across the capital.

“As far as we know, no other funder offers this kind of core funding for up to 10 years, which gives recipients the time and space they need to collaborate, take risks and create systemic change.

“It reduces the need for constant fund-raising, means charities can address the causes rather than just the symptoms of inequality, and allows more capacity for long-term projects which can deliver truly meaningful results.”

Grants awarded include £1,491,000 to Action for Race Equality to enable it to continue to support the BME voluntary sector.

£14m long-term funding boost for charities fighting inequality

Jeremy Crook OBE, Chief Executive for Action for Race Equality, said:

“I want to thank City Bridge Foundation for awarding ARE this significant and transformational grant. It allows us to support our core team, influence policy makers and strengthen Black and Asian-led civil society organisations which play a key role in supporting people who face socio-economic disadvantage and systemic barriers.

“The foundation’s support is a massive boost for ARE and shows confidence in our approach, expertise and commitment, and we look forward to making a positive impact over the next decade. A key component in tackling poverty and racial disadvantage is the presence of a sustainable and vibrant ethnically diverse civil society sector.

“We can now confidently plan in line with our strategy and to continue to challenge and support the change we need to make, so London is fair, equitable and inclusive. Working closely with the foundation and other partners, we hope to set a precedent for other funders and investors to follow.”

Expressions of interest for the second round of grants from the Anchor Programme are due to open in 2024. More information is at:


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