Sunday, 21 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024

100,000 ways to leave a lasting legacy as FreeWills celebrates major milestone

An organisation that has helped over 2,000 charities to benefit from charitable gifting through wills is celebrating a major milestone for the business, having helped 100,000 people create their wills. 

Founded in 2018 by Carl Christensen, FreeWills has a simple mission, to create a positive impact that benefits both legacy donors and a wide range of charities.

It was built with extensive input from will-writing experts and is 100% free – it is even possible to create a new will to replace an old one, at no charge.

In late 2023, FreeWills reached another major milestone, having helped their charity partners to benefit from charitable gifting through wills on the FreeWills website to the tune of £100 million.

Carl commented:

“This is a huge moment for us as a business but you have to remember that for us to hit this mark means that there have been moments of profound reflection and change for the people who are writing these wills with us. Whilst we of course welcome them choosing to partner with us, we never lose sight of that.

“We are also conscious that as many as 60% of UK adults have still not made a will, although now in March it is Free Wills month again (there is another in October) and this does tend to bring will writing and legacy planning into sharper focus which is critically important.

“That said, this campaign benefits a pretty specific group of charities and whilst it is great in terms of raising awareness and much-needed funding for their partner charities, for us, every day, every week, every month, is a FreeWills month and we do not have age restrictions.”

FreeWills works with over 2,000 charities of all sizes, across all sectors and is a full member of The Society Of Will Writers. Every single Will is checked, vetted and approved by an experienced practising solicitor.

Carl concluded:

“We are all about bringing good causes and the people who want to support them together and we can do that through our free will writing service. 100,000 wills is a watershed moment for us as a business but as a movement, in terms of creating awareness of the need for people to plan their legacies and arrange their affairs, we still have work to do.”


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